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The Pawpaw Program Video and Workshop Commercial


Pawpaw Workshop Commercial Video   

               Commercial (56k dialup) (Windows Media Player)

               Commercial - for Broadband (T1) connections (very fast) (Windows Media Player)

KSU Pawpaw Program Video   

              Video Slide Show - for 28.8K (slow) and 56K (faster) connectionsAtwork.gif (244 bytes)

              Video - for Broadband (T1) connections (very fast)

The Pawpaw Program Video runs for 6 minutes 32 seconds.  Depending on your Internet Connection, choose one of the following options below to view the video in the best format, namely Video Slide Show or Video.

Please Note before watching the Videos:

  • To play the Video, you will need Apple QuickTime Player.  To download a free copy, click QuickTime Download.

  • Maximize the screen to make the transcript accessible.

  • The video is best viewed at the highest possible screen resolution.  If your highest screen resolution is less than 1024 by 768 pixels, please watch the Video Slide Show for best results.

  • Be patient - you'll see a black screen for a few moments before the video starts.



Updated January 15, 2009

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