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Purdue University:
Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal
New Crops Fact Sheet
Pawpaw (Asimina triloba): A "Tropical" Fruit
for Temperate Climates

Evaluation of the Pawpaw Tree, Asimina triloba (Annonaceae), as a Commercial Source of the Pesticidal Annonaceous Acetogenins

Brooklyn Botanic Garden:
Search for pawpaw

California Rare Fruit Growers:

Pawpaw: A Tropical Tree for the Temperate Zone

Midwest Fruit Explorers:

National Clonal Germplasm Repository:
Pawpaws in Oregon: July 1996

Northern Nut Growers Association:
Articles & Books About Pawpaw

Other pawpaw pages:
Jeannie and Berry's Home Page
Eddie Rhoades


Questions about pawpaws? Contact Dr. Kirk Pomper at: or telephone # 502-597-5942

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