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Missouri Pawpaw Daze Festival


A young lady selling pawpaws and pawpaw recipe booklet to visitor
at the 3rd Annual Pawpaw Daze Festival - 2003

Waynesville Paw Paw Daze & Swap Meet City Park & Historic Square

Contact: Carolyn Denton 573-774-2583

This festival celebrates the paw paw fruit and features artisan crafts, art sales, entertainment, antiques, tours, rides, flea market, food, and games.

missouri2               missouri3
"Sometimes Tuesdays", a dulcimer group, played 19th century music                Wood carver Michael McKelvey          
                                       throughout the day                                                               carving traditional decoy fish      

For more information, call 573-774-2583 or e-mail:

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Questions about pawpaws? Contact Dr. Kirk Pomper at: or telephone # 502-597-5942

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Updated July 06, 2009