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Pawpaw Bibliography

Propagation, Pollination, and Tissue Culture

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Author: Callaway, M. Brett.

Title: The pawpaw (Asimina triloba).

Source: Frankfort, Ken.: Kentucky State Univ., 1990. ii, 22 p.: ill.

Author: Callaway, M.B.

Title: Current research for the commercial development of pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal].

Source: HortScience. Alexandria, Va.: American Society for Horticultural Science. Feb 1992. v. 27 (2) p. 90, 191.

Author: Callaway, M.B.

Title: The pawpaw.

Source: Annu-rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1992. (83rd) p. 106-119.

Author: Finneseth, C.H.; Layne, D.R.; Geneve, R.L.

Title: Morphological development of the North American pawpaw during germination and seedling emergence

Source: HortScience, Vol. 33(5):802-805, August 1998.

Author: Gazit, S.; Galon, I.; Podoler, H.

Title: The role of nitidulid beetles in natural pollination of annona in Israel Sugar apple.

Source: J-Am-Soc-Hortic-Sci. Alexandria, The Society. Sept 1982. v. 107 (5) p. 849-852. ill.

Author: George, A.P.; Nissen, R.J.; Campbell, J.A.

Title: Pollination and selection in Annona species (cherimoya, atemoya and sugar apple).

Source: Acta-Hortic. Wageningen: International Society for Horticultural Science. Oct. 1992. v. 1 (321) p. 178-185.

Author: Gottsberger, G.

Title: Comments on flower evolution and beetle pollination in the genera Annona and Rollinia (Annonaceae).

Source: Plant-Syst-Evol. Wien: Springer. 1989. v. 167 (3/4) p. 189-194.

Author: Gottsberger, G.

Title: Beetle pollination and flowering rhythm of Annona spp. (Annonaceae) in Brazil.

Source: Plant-Syst-Evol. Wien : Springer. 1989. v. 167 (3/4) p. 165-187.

Author: Guinet, P.; Le-Thomas, A.

Title: Current knowledge and interpretation of the pollen characters in Annonaceae and Leguminosae, subfamily Mimosoideae.

Source: Rev-Palaeobot-Palynol. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers, B.V. Oct 23, 1990. v. 64 (a/4) p. 109-127.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: Development of Pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal] as a New Fruit Crop

Source: 87th Ann. Rpt. N. Nut Growers Assoc. 1996.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: The pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]: A new fruit crop for Kentucky and the United States

Source: HortScience, Vol. 31(5):777-784, September 1996.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: The All-American pawpaw. Part 2: Research, cultivation, and the future

Source: The Fruit Gardener magazine, July/August Issue p.6-9, 26. 1996.

Author: Lopes, J.G.V.; Almeida, J.I.L. de; Assuncao, M.V.

Title: Preservation of germinative power of Annona muricata L. seeds at different temperatures and in different types of packing (Soursop, Ceara State, Brazil). Preservacao do poder germinativo de sementes de graviola (Annona muricata L.) sob diferentes temper

Source: Proc-Trop-Reg-Am-Sco-Hortic-Sci-Annu-Meet. (v.p.) : The Society. 1982. v. 25 p. 275-280. ill.

Author: Nagel, J.; Pena, J.E.; Habeck, D.

Title: Insect pollination of Atemoya in Florida.

Source: Fla-Entomol. Gainesville, Fla.: Florida Entomological Society. Mar 1989. v. 72 (1) p. 207-211.

Author: Nair, S.; Gupta, P.K.; Mascarenhas, A.F.

Title: In vitro propagaion of Annona hybrid (Annona squamosa L X Annona cherimola L).

Source: Indian-J-Hortic. Bangalore : K. L. Chadha. Sept/Dec 1984. v. 41 (3/4) p. 160-165. ill.

Author: Nair, S.; Gupta, P.K.; Mascarenhas, A.F.

Title: Haploid plants from in vitro anther culture of Annona squamosa Linn.

Source: Plant-Cell-Rep. Berlin, W.Ger. : Springer International, 1983. v. 2 (4) p. 198-200. ill.

Author: Nair, S.; Gupta, P.K.; Shirgurkar, M.V.; Mascarenhas, A.F.

Title: In vitro organogenesis from leaf explants of Annona squamosa Linn (Custard apples).

Source: Plant-Cell-Tissue-Organ-Cult. The Hague : M. Nijhoff/W. Junk. 1984. v. 3 (1) p. 29-40. ill.

Author: Norman, E.M.; Clayton, D.

Title: Reproductive biology of two Florida pawpaws: Asimina obovata and Asimina pygmaea (Annonaceae).

Source: Bull-Torrey-Bot-Club. Bronx, N.YH. : The Club. Jan/Mar 1986. v. 113 (1) p. 16-22. ill.

Author: Ogden, M.A.H.; Campbell, C.W.; Lara, S.P.

Title: Grafting Annonas in southern Florida.

Source: Proc-Annu-Meet-Fla-State-Hortic-Soc. S.1., The Society. 1981 (pub. 1982). v. 94 p. 355-358. ill.

Author: Peterson, N.

Title: How to Hand-Pollinate Pawpaws

Source: Fruit Gardener magazine, September/October 1997, pp.10-1l.

Author: Rasai, S.; Kantharajah, A.S.; Dodd, W.A.

Title: The effect of growth regulators, source of explants and irradiance on in vitro regeneration of atemoya.

Source: Aust-j-bot. Melbourne: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, 1953. 1954. V. 42 (3) p. 333-340.

Author: Saavedra, E.

Title: Set and growth of Annona cherimola Mill. fruit obtained by hand-pollination and chemical treatments.

Source: J-Am-Soc-Hortic-Sci. Mount Vernon, Va., The Society. Sept 1979. v. 104 (5) p. 668-673 ill.

Author: Sweet, C.

Title: Cherimoya nursery stock.

Source: Calif-Grow. Fallbrook, Calif. : The Tanis Group, Inc. June 1990. v. 14 (6) p. 32-33.

Author: Tazzari, L.; Pestelli, P.; Fiorino, P.; Parri, G.

Title: Propagation techniques for Annona cherimola Mill.

Source: Acta-Hortic. Wageningen: International Society for Horticultural Science. July 1990. (275) p. 315-321.

Author: Toll-Jubes, J.; Martinez, H.; Padilla, E.; Oste, C-A.

Title: Effects of mechanical scarification, seed position and gibberelic acid on germination in Cherimoya (Annona cherimolia Mill)

Source: Rev-Agron-Noroeste-Argent, 1975, 12 (1/2) : ;161-172. Ref. Eng. sum.

Author: Waha, M.

Title: Sporoderm development of pollen tetrads in Asimina triloba (Annonaceae).

Source: Pollen-Spores. Montpellier: Museum national d'histoire naturelle. 1987. V. 29 (1) p. 31-43. ill.

Author: Walker, J.W.

Title: Unique type of angiosperm pollen from the family Annonaceae

Source: Science, May 7, 1971, 172 (3983) : 565-567.

Author: Walker, J.W.

Title: Pollen morphology, phytogeography, and phylogeny of the Annonaceae

Source: Gray-Herb-Harvard-Univ-Contrib, July 30, 1971, 202, 130 p.

Author: Willson, M.F.; Schemske, D.W.

Title: Pollinator limitation, fruit production, and floral display in pawpaw (Asimina triloba).

Source: Bull-Torrey-Bot-Club. Bronx, The Club. July/Sept 1980. v. 107 (3) p. 401-408. ill.

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