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Asimina triloba

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Author: (no author listed)

Title: Corwin Davis -- Merit Award, 1984.

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1984. (75th) p. 10-11. ill.

Author: (no author listed)

Title: What is a pawpaw.

Source: Farmers-Consum-Mark-Bull. Atlanta, Ga. : Department of Agriculture. Oct 3, 1984. v. 70 (40) p. 12.

Author: (no author listed)

Title: Be the first on your block to own a pawpaw tree (Nutritive value, persimmons, quinces, gooseberries)

Source: Prevent, Feb 1976, 28 (2) : 118-121, 124-125.

Author: Afrikhodzhaev, H.A.; Khamodkhodzhaev, S.A.; Shtonda, N.I.

Title: Polysaccharides of Asimina triloba.

Source: Chem-Nat-Compd. New York, N.Y. : consultants Bureau. Sept/Oct 1985 (pub. 1986). v. 21 (5) p. 661-662.

Author: Barrett, T.

Title: The pawpaw a checkered past and promising future.

Source: Small-farm-today. Columbia, Mo.: Missouri Farm Publishing Inc. June 1994. v. 11 (3) p. 55-56.

Author: Callaway, M.B.; Callaway, D.J.

Title: Our native pawpaw: the next new commercial fruit?

Source: Arnoldia. Jamaica Plain, Mass.: Arnold Arboretum. Fall 1992. v. 52 (3) p. 29-29.

Author: Callaway, M. Brett.

Title: The pawpaw (Asimina triloba).

Source: Frankfort, Ken.: Kentucky State Univ., 1990. ii, 22 p.: ill.

Author: Callaway, M.B.

Title: The pawpaw.

Source: Annu-rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1992. (83rd) p. 106-119.

Author: Callaway, M.B.

Title: Current research for the commercial development of pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal].

Source: HortScience. Alexandria, Va.: American Society for Horticultural Science. Feb 1992. v. 27 (2) p. 90, 191.

Author: Cherry, J.P.; Duncan, N.

Title: Adopting a horticultural orphan: Research efforts to domesticate the pawpaw, Asimina triloba, United States.

Source: Agric-Res-U-S-Dep-Agric-Res-Serv. Washington, D.C. : The Administration. apr 1983. v. 31 (10) p. 7. ill.

Author: Damman, H.

Title: The osmaterial glands of the swallowtail butterfly Eurytides marcellus as a defence against natural enemies.

Source: Ecol-Entomol. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications. Aug 1986. v. 11 (3) p. 261-265.

Author: Damman, H.; Feeny, P.

Title: Mechanisms and consequences of selective oviposition by the zebra swallowtail butterfly.

Source: Anim-Behav. London: Bailliere Tindall. Apr 1988. v. 36 (2) p. 563-573. ill.

Author: Davis, C.

Title: Pawpaw.

Source: Annu-rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1992. (83rd) p. 105.

Author: Davis, C.

Title: What's new in pawpaws.

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn. : The Association. 1985. (76th) p. 31.

Author: Davis, C.

Title: The Paw Paw in southern Michigan (Asimina triloba).

Source: Calif-Rare-Fruit-Grow-Yearb. Fullerton : California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. 1982. v. 14 p. 38-41.

Author: Davis, C.

Title: Update on papaws Asimina triloba.

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. s.l., The Association. 1979. (70th) p. 82-84.

Author: Davis, C.

Title: Pawpaw and problems (as an ornamental plant).

Source: North-Am-Pomona, Fall 1977, 10 (4) : 216-217.

Author: Davis, C.

Title: Pawpaws. (Culture)

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc, 1973, 64th: 17-18.

Author: Duckworth, B.R.

Title: The Paw Paw in Ohio (Annonaceae).

Source: Calif-Rare-Fruit-Grow-Yearb. Fullerton: California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. 1982. v. 14 p. 44-45.

Author: Finneseth, C.H.; Layne, D.R.; Geneve, R.L.

Title: Morphological development of the North American pawpaw during germination and seedling emergence

Source: HortScience, Vol. 33(5):802-805, August 1998.

Author: Greller, A.M.; Buegler, R.; Johnson, E.; Matarazzo, R.; Anderson, K.

Title: Two unusual plant communities in Totenville, Staten Island, New York, with Celtis occidentalis and Asiminia triloba.

Source: Bull-Torrey-Bot-Club. Bronx, N.Y. : The Club. Oct/Dec 1992. v. 119 (4) p. 446-457.

Author: Huang, H.:Layne, D.R.; Peterson, R.N.

Title: Using isozyme polymorphisms for identifying and assessing genetic variation in cultivated pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]

Source: J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 122(4):504-511. 1997.

Author: Huang, H.; Layne, D.R ; Peterson, R.N

Title: Identification of Pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal] Cultivars and Advanced selections by Isozyme Polymorphisms: Utility and Limitations

Source: 87th Ann. Rpt. N. Nut Growers Assoc. 1996.

Author: Huang, H.; Layne, D.R.; Peterson, R.N.

Title: Using isozyme polymorphisms for identifying and assessing genetic variation in cultivated pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]

Source: J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 122(4):504-511. 1997.

Author: Huang, H.; Layne, D.R.; Riemenschneider, D.E.

Title: Genetic diversity and geographic differentiation in pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal] populations from nine states as revealed by alozyme analysis

Source: J. Amer Soc. Hort. Sci. 123(4):635-641. 1998.

Author: Johnson, H.A.; McLaughlin, J.L.; Gordon, J.

Title: Monthly variations in biological activity of Asimina triloba (The North American pawpaw tree).

Source: Progress in New Crops: Proceedings of the Third National New Crops Symposium (J. Janick, ed.), John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1996, p. 609-614

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: Development of Pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal] as a New Fruit Crop

Source: 87th Ann. Rpt. N. Nut Growers Assoc. 1996.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: Pawpaws

Source: In: Register of Fruit and Nut Varieties, Third Edition. A.S.H.S. Press, Alexandria, VA. Pp403-404. 1997.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: The All-American pawpaw. Part 1: Revival efforts may bear much 'fruit'.

Source: The Fruit Gardener magazine. May/June Issue. p.12-14. 1996.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: The All-American pawpaw. Part 2: Research, cultivation, and the future

Source: The Fruit Gardener magazine, July/August Issue p.6-9, 26. 1996.

Author: Layne, D.R.

Title: The pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]: A new fruit crop for Kentucky and the United States

Source: HortScience, Vol. 31(5):777-784, September 1996.

Author: Lewis, M.A.; Arnason, J.T.; Philogene, B.J.R.; Rupprecht, J.K.; McLaughlin, J.L.

Title: Inhibition of respiration at site I by asimicin, an insecticidal acetogenin of the Pawpaw, Asimina triloba (Annonaceae).

Source: Pestic-Biochem-Physiol. Orlando, Fla.: Academic Press. Jan 1993. v. 45 (1) p. 15-23.

Author: Mansell, T.

Title: Pickin' up pawpaws.

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1989. (80th) p. 49-51.

Author: Mansell, T.

Title: Self-rooting paw paws Asimina triloba, varieties.

Source: North-Am-Pomona. Madisonville, Ky., North American Fruit Explorers Winter 1979. v. 12 (1) p. 47-48.

Author: Mansell, T.

Title: Evaluating the pawpaw

Source: North-Am-Pomona, Summer 1977, 10 (3) : 155-159.

Author: Martinez, D.

Title: Pawpaws could become the fruit of the future.

Source: Farmline-U-S-Dep-Agric-Econ-Res-Serv. Washington, D.C.: The Service. May 1989. v. 10 (5) p. 16-17.

Author: Matsu, T.

Title: Studies on the utilization of pawpaw Asimina triloba seeds as a source of edible seed oil Defatted seed meal available as feedstuff.

Source: Meiji-Daigaku-Nogaku-bu-Kenkyu-Hokoku-Bull-Fac-Agric-Meiji-Univ. Kanagawa, The Faculty. Aug 1980. (52) p. 43-53. ill.

Author: McKay, J-W.

Title: Variation in papaw (Asimina triloba)

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc, 1975, 66th: 53-55. Ref.

Author: Mohana-Rao, P.R.

Title: Seed and fruit anatomy in Asimina triloba, with a discussion on the affinities of Annonaceae.

Source: Bot-Jahrb-Syst-Pflanzengesch-Pflanzengeogr. Stuttgart, W.Ger. : E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung. 1982 v. 103 (1) p. 47-57. ill.

Author: Murzova, R.M.

Title: Asimina triloba Rare fruit crop, cultivation, chemical composition of fruit.

Source: Sadovodstvo. Moskva, "Kolos". July 1981. (7) p. 28. ill.

Author: Nash, L.J.; Graves, W.R.

Title: Drought and flood stress effects on plant development and leaf water relations of five taxa of trees native to bottomland habitats.

Source: J-Am-Soc-Horti-Sci. Alexandria, Va.: Nov 1993. v. 118 (6) p. 845-850.

Author: Nasu, H.; Kunoh, H.

Title: Scanning electron microscopy of flyspeck of apple, pear, Japanese persimmon, plum, Chinese quince, and pawpaw.

Source: Plant-Dis. St. Paul, Minn. : American Phytopathological Society. Apr 1987. v. 71 (4) p. 361-364. ill.

Author: Norris, S.

Title: Producing seedless papaws.

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1985. (76th) p. 169-172.

Author: Peterson, N.

Title: How to Hand-Pollinate Pawpaws

Source: Fruit Gardener magazine, September/October 1997, pp.10-1l.

Author: Peterson, R.N.

Title: Pawpaw (Asimina)

Source: Acta-Hortic. Wageningen: International Society for Horticultural Science. [1991] . (290) p. 567-600.

Author: Peterson, R.N.

Title: Research on the pawpaw (Asimina triloba) at the University of Maryland.

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden, Conn.: The Association. 1986. (77th) p. 73-78.

Author: Peterson, R.N.; Cherry, J.P.; Simmons, J.G.

Title: Composition of pawpaw (Asimina triloba) fruit [Flavor and aroma, eastern United States].

Source: Annu-Rep-North-Nut-Grow-Assoc. Hamden : The Association. 1982. (73rd) p. 97-107.

Author: Popenoe, W. (ed.)

Title: Where are the best papaws?

Source: J. Hered. 1916. v. 7:291-296.


Author: Popenoe, W. (ed.)

Title: The best papaws.

Source:  J. Hered. 1916. v. 8:21-33.


Author: Ratnayake, S.; Rupprecht, J.K.; Potter, W.M.; McLaughlin, J.L.

Title: Evaluation of various parts of the paw paw tree, Asimina triloba (Annonaceae), as commercial sources of the pesticidal annonaceous acetogenins.

Source: J-Econ-Entomol. Lanham, Md.: Entomological Society of America. Dec 1992. V. 85 (6) p. 2353-2356.

Author: Reich, L.

Title: Native American fruits.

Source: Org-Gard. Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Press, Inc. Feb 1992. v. 39 (2) p. 52, 54-57.

Author: Rogstad, S.H.; Wolff, K.; Schaal, B.A.

Title: Geographical variation in Asimina triloba Dunal (Annonaceae) revealed by the M13 "DNA fingerprinting" probe.

Source: Am-J-Bot. Columbus, Ohio: Botanical Society of America. Oct 1991. v. 78 (10) p. 1391-1396.

Author: Shiota, H.

Title: Volatile components of pawpaw fruit (Asimina triloba Dunal.).

Source: J-Agric-Food-Chem. Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society. Sept 1991. v. 39 (9) p. 1631-1635.

Author: Stevenson, P.

Title: A passion for the pawpaw.

Source: Am-For. Washington, D.C.: American Forestry Association. Mar/Apr 1990. v. 96 (3/4) p. 40-49. ill.

Author: Thomson, P.H.

Title: The Paw Paw (Asimina triloba, culture, North America, history, varieties).

Source: Calif-Rare-Fruit-Grow-Yearb. Fullerton: California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. 1982. v. 14 p. 5-31.

Author: Waha, M.

Title: Sporoderm development of pollen tetrads in Asimina triloba (Annonaceae).

Source: Pollen-Spores. Montpellier: Museum national d'histoire naturelle. 1987. V. 29 (1) p. 31-43. ill.

Author: Willson, M.F.; Schemske, D.W.

Title: Pollinator limitation, fruit production, and floral display in pawpaw (Asimina triloba).

Source: Bull-Torrey-Bot-Club. Bronx, The Club. July/Sept 1980. v. 107 (3) p. 401-408. ill.

Author: Wilson, A.

Title: Flavonoid pigments in swallowtail butterflies.

Source: Phytochemistry. Oxford : Pergamon Press. 1986. v. 25 (6) p. 1309-1313.

Author: Young, D.R.; Yavitt, J.B.

Title: Differences in leaf structure, chlorophyll, and nutrients for the understory tree Asimina triloba.

Source: Am-J-Bot. Baltimore, Md.: Botanical Society of America. Oct. 1987. v. 74 (10) p. 1487-1491.

Author: Zhao, G.; Gui, Y.; Rupprecht, J.K.; McLaughlin, J.L.; Wood, K.V.

Title: Additional bioactive compounds and trilobacin, a novel highly cytotoxic acetogenin, from the bark of Asimina triloba.

Source: J-Nat-Prod. Downers Grove, Ill.: American Society of Pharmacognosy. Mar 1992. v. 55 (3) p. 347-356.

Author: Zhao, G.X.; Rieser, M.J.; Hui, Y.H.; Miesbauer, L.R.; Smith, D.L.; McLaughlin, J.L.

Title: Biologically active acetogenins from stem bark of Asimina triloba.

Source: Phytochemistry-Oxford. Oxford; New York: Perghamon Press, 1961-. July 1993. v. 33 (5) p. 1065-1073.

Author: Zimmerman, G.A.

Title:  The papaw.

Source: Northern Nut Growers Assn. Annu. Rep. 1938. v. 29:99-102.


Author: Zimmerman, G.A.

Title: Hybrids of the American pawpaw.

Source: J. Hered, 1941. v. 32:83-91.


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