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Dr. Pomper on growing pawpaw at the 2003 Ohio Pawpaw Festivalnew4.gif (116 bytes)


A Message from Dr. Kirk W. Pomper, Head of Pawpaw Research at KSU
(Updated 6/4/98)(347 KB - WAV format, 0:32min.)


Radio Interview with former KSU pawpaw researcher Dr. Desmond R. Layne
on National Public Radio

(RAM format)


Pawpaw Song



KSU pawpaw Videonew4.gif (116 bytes)(A summary of the KSU pawpaw Program)


Pawpaw TVnew4.gif (116 bytes) (Information about pawpaw and cancer research of  Dr. Jerry McLaughlin)


Pawpaw Song and Dance



Questions about pawpaws? Contact Dr. Kirk Pomper at: or telephone # 502-597-5942

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