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         "Fresh grape and wines are perhaps the most luscious foods we mortals encounter during our sojourn here. That's a big part of the unique affinity between grapevines and humankind. That's how the vine has tempted us to take it down from the wild trees, to protect it and work with it, so we can have its fruit at will." ----Jeff Cox, From Vines to Wines.


          Kentucky has a rich history in viticulture. The Kentucky Vineyard Society was founded in 1798 and Kentucky was the third largest grape and wine producer by 1860. During Prohibition, however, vines were either uprooted or left unattended, and the grape industry essentially disappeared in Kentucky. Since 1990, the grape and wine industry has shown a resurgence; however, there are limited educational opportunities in viticulture in Kentucky. This page has intended to cover viticulture practices in Kentucky at every aspect, from starting a new vineyard to managing a "mature" vineyard. Please feel free to contact us  if you have any question or comments.

The Genus Vitis   

Start a New Vineyard   

Design Your Vineyard   

Trellising, Planting and Training   

Water and Nutrition   

Disease and Pest   

Rootstock Consideration   



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Updated August 13, 2007