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Welcome! We Like to Know Your Questions and Ideas!


         This is a place you can ask questions, send your comments, and share your ideas. We will gather your questions and concerns, and respond as soon as we can. We may not have answers to all your questions, but, we'd like to find the answers!  :)  All your questions will be posted in case other folks have the same concerns. Your name can be shown if you would like to.

           Please note that if your want to buy or sell your vines, wines, vineyard or any items related to viticulture and enology, you should go to " For Sale and to Buy" at the Growers page.

            The viticulture Program also can be reached at 502-597-6186,    We expect your call!

Dr. Kirk W. Pomper 

Dr. Sanjun Gu

Questions or Comments


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