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Photograph of catkins (the male flower) of the hazelnut variety 'Yamhill' in bloom at Kentucky State University in March, 2017. Photo by K. Pomper.

The Spring KNGA Meeting Will be Held on April 29, 2017

A Date to Remember: The Spring meeting of the Kentucky Nut Growers Association will be held Saturday, April 29, 2017, at the Hardin County Agricultural Extension Office in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, at 9:30 am EDT. The Extension Office Building is located just off U.S. 62 about two miles west from downtown Elizabethtown—directly behind the Cecilia Auto Sales Lot. In approaching Elizabethtown from western Kentucky on U.S. 62, turn left at Peterson Drive—first street past the Manakee Funeral Home. Eastern and northern Kentucky arrivals driving west on U.S. 62 through Elizabethtown must turn right at Peterson Drive—first street past the Auto Sales Lot. KNGA signs will be posted. The luncheon will be potluck. If you bring something that will need to be heated or warmed, there is a well-equipped kitchen that can be used for that purpose. Additionally, please bring nuts for people to taste and items, such as plants and trees, which can be used as door prizes and for an auction. Please bring items for the fall auction! For more information about KNGA contact Dan Ganno at (270) 860-8362 or

The Kentucky Nut Growers Association is a non-profit organization that was formed to promote interest in nut bearing trees; research in their breeding and culture; dissemination of educational material and information; and to encourage locating and reporting of promising seedling trees which may be adaptable to the regions represented by the membership. Kentucky is generally well-suited for growing nut trees and Northern pecans, black walnuts, heartnuts, hickory nuts, Carpathian walnuts, American hazelnuts, and Chinese chestnuts grow well in the state. KNGA has about 300 members who are interested in growing nut trees, as well as pawpaws and persimmons. Two Association meetings are held per year. The Spring Meeting takes place on the fourth Saturday in April, and the Fall Meeting on the fourth Saturday in October.  If you would like to become a member of KNGA, please feel free to attend our Spring meeting or send in a membership application form.

Posey Pecan at 2007 Kentucky State Fair. Photo by K. Pomper.



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