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The Fourth International Pawpaw Conference will be a unique experience for scientists, nurserymen, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to share information on the production and uses of pawpaw! Tours, tastings, invited speakers, a best pawpaw contest, and round table discussions on pawpaw will be featured!


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(Registration Has Been Extended Until August 15!)


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Preliminary Schedule


Speakers include: Florin Stanica (Romania), Stephan Von Rundstedt (Germany), Marko Vihner (Germany), Helmut Pirc (Germany), Jerrin Victor (USA), Rob Brannan (Univ of Ohio), Chris Chmiel (Ohio), Jerry Lehman (Indiana), Ron Powell (OPGA), Neal Peterson (Peterson Pawpaws), Andy Moore (Author), Matt Davies (OSU), Michael Gold (Missouri), Mary Jac Brennan (North Carolina), Kirk Pomper (KSU), Sheri Crabtree (KSU), Jeremy Lowe (KSU), along with additional speakers and growers.


Best Pawpaw Contest

For those attending the Fourth International Pawpaw Conference and entering the Best Pawpaw Competition, three representative pawpaw fruit from a tree of a cultivar, genotype, or seedling tree of similar ripeness must be provided at the beginning of the Conference for judging. The fruit will be judged for appearance, size, flavor, seediness, and texture. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 3rd.


   For more information, please contact Ms. Sheri Crabtree at 502-597-6375 or sheri.crabtree@kysu.edu



Questions about pawpaws? Contact Sheri Crabtree at sheri.crabtree@kysu.edu or telephone # 502-597-6375  Pawpaw Program questions? Contact Dr. Kirk Pomper at:

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