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The Fourth International Pawpaw Conference



Pre-conference tour of wild pawpaw patch at Cove Spring Park in Frankfort, Kentucky.


Under the pawpaw trees in Cove Spring Park.


Looking up at fruit in the pawpaw trees in Cove Spring Park.


Some pawpaw fruit at Cove Spring Park.



Registration on the KSU campus on Friday.



Dr. Kirk Pomper and Mr. Neal Peterson open the Fourth International Pawpaw Conference.


Dr. Ron Powell welcomes everyone.


Dr. Erin Wheeler, Assistant Provost, welcomes everyone to the Conference.


The Opening Session.


In the halls.



Saturday tours of the pawpaw trials at the Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm.


Jeremy Lowe describes top working and grafting.


Sheri Crabtree talks about cultivar selection,


Dr. Harold Benson is honored with the naming of the new pawpaw variety KSU-Benson.

Pawpaw tasting.

   For more information, please contact Ms. Sheri Crabtree at 502-597-6375 or sheri.crabtree@kysu.edu



Questions about pawpaws? Contact Sheri Crabtree at sheri.crabtree@kysu.edu or telephone # 502-597-6375  Pawpaw Program questions? Contact Dr. Kirk Pomper at:

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